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Dome Tent

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These tents are complete with poles, reinforced pegs and ropes. The tents are manufactured using heavy duty pvc with various colours available. The tent gives more spacious feel and is great for any occasion. The Dome is ideal for outdoor placement, both in summer and winter. During the cold months or during a warm period, the Dome is provided with a climate control system. This way you can easily adjust the temperature in the Dome. The Dome tents come in a variation of 3 different sizes.There are extensions available for the 2.5m and 3m tents. These tents are a setting standard for all other dome tents.

There are some important factors that have to be taken into consideration before buying any type of tents, such as the number of people who will be using it, how and where it will be used and the price. This applies to all tent styles including Dome tents.

Tent Warehouse has become one of the first tent company to design a unique and up-market popular tent styles today, which is available in 3 sizes. Some of them may be regular dome shaped while others can be made up of several domes, but all dome tents use a geometrical design in their poles to hold the tent up, and rather than the firmness of the frame itself, the sturdiness of a dome tent depends on the structural integrity of the fabric, poles, ropes, and pegs combined.


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