Medium Mobile Kitchens

Mobile Kitchens for sale in South Africa and Africa. We are the leaders when it comes to manufacturing mobile kitchens because we don’t compromise on work ethics and principles.

Mobile catering is the business of selling prepared food from some sort of vehicle. It is a feature of urban culture in many countries. In addition to being operated as private businesses, mobile catering vehicles are also used after natural disasters to feed people in areas with damaged infrastructure.

Mobile catering vehicles have also provided a window for advertisers to target the working population and general audience. With a wide variety of display options, lunch truck advertising has exploded into a successful marketing venture for many companies.

Mobile kitchens is a large vehicle equipped to cook and sell food all at the same time whilst still being very hygenic for your convenience. Our kitchens come standard with all the basic necessities that you will need to be successfull in your venture.

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