Peg and Pole Tents For SAle

Peg and Pole Tents for sale. Our peg and pole tents have structures that are supported by pegs, side poles, and center poles. They are manufactured using heavy durty PVC coated fabrics in a variety of colours. The PVC coated fabrics also come in fire retardant, anti static block out. They are hammered into a soft surface and easy to assemble. Our  peg and pole tents for sale are sold with the pegs, side poles and center poles.

Tent Warehouse PVC fabric is deeply impregnated with colour, those pigments are utilised to resist fading. UV absorbers are added to all our heavy duty PVC tents to transform UV rays to harmless heat energy and this stabilises limit the breakdown of the fabric thus giving you a longer lifespan of a Tent Warehouse peg and pole tent.

Tent Warehouse is the leading manufacturers of peg and pole marquee tents, all our tents include poles, pegs and ropes. Our material is heavy duty PVC waterproof fabric starting from 600gram, 700gram and 800gram.

Here are some of the event types you can use our heavy duty PVC peg and pole tents:

Wedding tents, Church tents, Party tents, Funeral tents, Event tents, Exhibition tents

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